Health and safety is certainly at the front of everyone’s mind. Our camp is no exception as we plan for summer 2021. Putting safety protocols in place will be an ongoing practice in the months to come. Thankfully, we are at an advantage as Mr. G returns to Maple View Middle School as a Physical Education teacher and has the ability to practice and assess all the safety protocols that have been put in place by the Tahoma School District for a safe return. Mr. G is also Tahoma High School’s tennis coach and will take what he learns from the upcoming season’s safety practices into how we run our 2021 camps. With current infection rates and hospitalizations dropping every week, along with increased vaccine distribution, it looks like we’re headed in the right direction.


Protocols We Plan to Have in Place:


  • Each camper must have their own tennis racket. We will not be supplying our inventory of sample rackets for any of our 2021 sessions. Each camper’s tennis racket must be well marked with the camper's name boldly apparent on their racket. Duct tape on the top portion of the grip, with the camper's name printed with a thick Sharpie, is a good solution.
  • Each camper must bring their own water bottle, clearly marked with their name boldly visible. Unlike years past, we will NOT provide any water from our own coolers so as to decrease any safety risks involved with paper cups, etc... It will be extremely important for campers to remember their water. It can get quite hot on the court, and it is important for our campers to remain hydrated.


  • Hand sanitation will be available at each court, and surrounding stations.
  • Mandating face coverings will be determined closer to the time each camp begins. Exercising, in the heat, with a face mask has other safety concerns in our opinion. If face coverings are still a state mandate we will strive to comply, but once again, we cannot guarantee each camper’s compliance. If you have a heightened health concern regarding the wearing of face masks, please refrain from registering your camper in this summer’s camp, and we will look forward to having them back for summer 2022.


  • Unfortunately, one of the most exciting aspects of our camp is the “earning of tickets”, followed by prizes on the last day of camp. We are processing how we can safely continue with offering a prize to our campers, but we will not distribute tickets this summer. This will alleviate the need for sharing pens, and the passing of paper.